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At Education Radios we aim to work with our schools to ensure that any available budget is used in the best way possible to procure the most effective radios for the requirement. We are not locked down to one manufacturer (open market) so we can provide completely impartial advice. Our team of radio specialists only work with schools and educational establishments, this allows us to give focused specialist advice. All schools are invoiced and free trials are available so you can try the radios for yourself on site to see how good they really are. We have dealt with hundreds of schools around the whole of the UK and can provide locals schools for you to contact for reference.

Milton Park Primary School
"The radios are wonderful, easy to use and liked by the staff, we were well advised and dealt with by sales team”
Town Farm Primary School
(Hytera PD365)
“The one to one communication and text facility are very useful as was the initial trial to evaluate before buying”
Maltings School
(Motorola DP1400)
“Tried Hytera PD365’s first but decided on Motorola DP1400 found them very useful for site staff”
St Oswalds CE Primary Academy
"The radios have been brilliant for the money hence why we placed an order for the additional ones, all the staff use them daily and  they have made a massive difference for the school”
Carlton Bolling College
“We used to use Hytera that we bought from Specialist Radio but have moved over to Puma they are good little radios and really needed in the college, earpieces are great too”

Gary Humphries, Director

Top 3 best radios for use by school staff 2020

front on - Pumaradio branded - transparr


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Simple and lightweight

Best in class

Encrypted, cannot be heard

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