6 radios with chargers and accessories - now also includes 6 g-shape earpieces!


The latest addition to the Pumaradio family of products. The PR-350LF is a licence free, small, light and easy to use radio that is a great starter product for schools taking the plunge in to the world of two-way radios.


Why not buy a cheap twin pack of amazon? Why is this more expensive?

The PR-350LF has been built and designed to be used in schools, full stop. The controls, large 2000mAh li-ion battery and robust chassis have all be designed to give you the edge over cheap plastic radios. Leisure radios as we call them are sometimes bought by schools as they are cheap. They don't have metal shells (drop them, they will break), they have old technology ni-mh batteries (won't last all day and will need replacing every few months) and have basic 'open' channels allowing others to easily hear and interrupt your radio communications.


The PR-350LF gives you a true out of the box quick deploy communication solution. 


Each radio comes with a drop in charger which will also charge a spare battery at the same time if required, allowing 24hr usage.

Pumaradio PR-350LF six pack

£529.00 Regular Price
£520.00Sale Price
  • Compatible with the following less known brands / hard to find radios:

    • Opus T1
    • Opus T2
    • Opus T2-Pro
    • Vitai 8800
    • Vitai 9900
    • NRC Jazz
    • DigiX Jazz
    • Mitex General
    • Mitex General Xtreme
    • Mitex Link
    • Mitex Security
    • Mitex Sport
    • Mitex Site
    • Mitex HD
    • Mitex Pro
    • HQT TH-2800
    • HQT TH-8000
    • Samcom CP-120
    • Samcom CP-500
    • Samcom CP-600

    Also compatible with all Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Entel, Vertex UHF analogue radios. Please ask in live chat for more details.

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