The best radios for schools

The best radios for schools

The best walkie talkies for schools in the UK

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What do schools use two-way radios for?


Essential day to day communication around site between teams or groups of staff. For example to make the site-team aware of a building defect.


Connecting quickly with the SLT or other key staff in the event of an emergency situation, or potential situation in class. This means the teacher does not need to leave the situation to raise the alarm.


Site-wide instant communication during the event of a lock-down, evacuation or in-vacuation situation.


Health and safety of staff and lone-workers on site. Most local authorities recommend two-way radios as the best communication method for schools.

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 Kids with  Masks

Improve staff communications & social distancing in your school - COVID19

Education Radios have over 14 years experience supplying the best two-way radio systems to the education sector. We aim to provide you with open market impartial advice to help you strengthen and improve your on-site school communications. Our trained staff will advise you on the best radio for school use. We specialise in providing radios for in-vacuation, evacuation and lockdown situations. Handsets provided range from analogue 446 licence free to fully digital encrypted radios. We have the knowledge to guide you through the process from start to finish. We offer all schools a free of charge 7-day trial so you can see how our two-way radios can transform your on-site communications. Covid19 radios help improve social distancing within school and we only recommend the best radios for use in school.


Breaking radios all the time? Need something that will last and take some serious abuse?

Our newly launched PR-650 is the ideal radio for sites that need 99.999% uptime. The PR-650 is DMR digital, totally secure.


No one can listen in or interfere with your communications, guaranteed.

The best value digital radio around with a 3-year warranty. Get in touch to arrange your free of charge 7-day trial.

Pumaradio PR-650

The best digital radio for schools

Call 01274 911340 or email your purchase order to for priority fast delivery.

The best radios for schools

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