New to the UK market, Caltta are a subsidiary company of ZTE, one of the biggest communications products manufacturers in the world. Caltta provides comprehensive solutions for customers from public safety, government affairs and utilities etc. So far, its solutions have been successfully deployed in more than 40 countries for over 3 million users. The PH600 is like no other DMR digital radio on the market. It comes with a major amount of features out of the box. Here are the main features that make it one of a kind: IP68 water and dust protection IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’, and IP ratings are used to show levels of a radio's resistance to water and dirt. The first number after the IP tells you how resistant an object is to solids, like dust. The 2nd number relates to its resistance to liquids, e.g water. IP68 is the highest rating you can get when it comes to protecting your radio. Solid resistance goes up from 1 to 6, while liquids are marked on a scale of 1 to 8. With 8 as you guessed, the most resistant. This radio will happily survive in 3 metres of water for over an hour. This is the toughest radio we sell! Lone working The PH600 comes as standard with lone-worker and man-down alerts. Lone worker is a timer set to remind the user to check in at regular intervals. If the user does not check in an alert is sent to all or some of the other radio users signalling an emergency. Man down is an inbuilt tilt switch, when the radio is left horizontal for a set period of time, an emergency alarm is sent out to the other users alerting them to the user who has collapsed / fallen. These features can be turned on and off as needed. Vibrate alert One of the features we get asked for the most, vibrate alert. This allows you to have the radio turned down or muted in classrooms or meetings. When a call comes through for you the radio will vibrate letting you know a one to one call is incoming. Great for reducing talk traffic and to stop the radio becoming a distraction in class. Battery life With a high capacity 2600mAh li-ion battery pack as standard, the PH600 has over 20hours battery life. The longest battery life of a DMR radio that we know of. Connectivity The PH600 comes with Bluetooth and GPS inbuilt as standard. This allows you to connect audio accessories and with the computer dispatch software, track radios via GPS when outdoors. Great for guard tours or security guards. Security With some of the strongest DMR digital radio encryption available, the PH600 will give you the confidence to talk openly without the possibility of people outside your school or college being able to listen in. We also guarantee you'll get zero interference with this radio, none at all! Peace of mind With all the Caltta products, the PH600 comes with a 2-year radio body warranty and 1-year battery warranty. To summarise we've not seen a new product like this in a long time, this could easily be a £300+ device with all the features it has. Want to try it out for yourself? Get in touch with us today via live chat, email or phone to arrange your free 7-day trial.

Caltta PH600

  • Supports DMR Tier2
    Provides high quality voice service. It responses the call of professional users anywhere and anytime.

    Support 2 slots in DMO and Roaming
    PH600 can support 2 slots in DMO that double the Capacity of communication. And it also support roaming in IP repeaters’ network.

    Loud and Clear Sound
    With carefully optimized audio design, combined excellent audio encoder, it provides loud and clear sound.

    Large Capacity Battery
    With 2600mAh battery and optimized power consumption of DMR, battery life is long enough for professional communication.

    Abundant Configuration
    PH600 can support TF card, man-down, real-time clock, vibration, geomagnetic, optional board, and GPS/Bluetooth are optional.

    Higher Safety
    The DMR standard provides higher safety and reliability for voice and data than analog standard.

    Reliable Quality
    Meets IP68 standard, and is suitable for outdoor work. Shock, vibration, solar radiation and qualifies for all kinds of harsh working environment.

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