Here are some articles you may find useful when searching for the best radios for your school site. We cover everything from Ofcom licensing to upgrading the coverage area of your radio system with a repeater. If there is anything we have not covered that you would like to see here please email us.

Two-way radio basics

Here we look at the three main categories of two-way radio and discuss their pro's and con's


Long range licence free 'myths'

Don't get suckered in by clever marketing tricks. We will go over the biggest trick of them all.


How we work to a budget

A little insight in to knowing how much you have to spend and using that information to recommend you the absolute best radios. A little information from you. the buyer, can help us all.


Digital radios that you must take a closer look at when buying two-way radios for your school

It's no secret, digital radios have totally changed the game. especially for schools. With the massive recent price drop in digital two-way radios, weighing up a digital radio for your school might be a lot cheaper than you think.


Let's Work Together

All our solutions are put together to meet both your technical requirements and also fit your budget. We always aim to give you the best open market advice. Give us a call or start a webchat (bottom right corner of the page) to get the ball rolling. 01274 911340

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