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The UK Government officially recommends two-way radios in schools to assist with social distancing

The UK government has officially recommended the use of two way radios or walkie talkies to help with social distancing in schools. Our two-way radios help teachers, SLT and essential site staff to go about their daily tasks without the need for close contact with other members to communicate. Two-way radios can offer one to all type calls, giving you the ability to speak to all staff, or a whole team with one push of a button. Fast and efficient.


Many guidelines and recommendations have been published since lockdown begun, but on-site communication between staff has always pointed towards implementing a reliable and powerful two-way radio system helping to comply with social-distancing regulations. Take a look at our recommended range of social distancing two-way radios as a starter before calling us.


On Sunday 10th May 2020, the British government released guidance to employers that says:

"Reducing movement by discouraging non-essential trips within buildings and sites, for example, restricting access to some areas, encouraging use of radios or telephones, where permitted, and cleaning them between use."

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Talk to us about how our radios can be used to help you comply with social distancing rules in your school. We offer totally free advice and will give you a no obligation quotation on which equipment we feel would suit your requirement and budget best. Most expensive isn't normally the best...... Call us on 01274 911340 or email to get the best advice on which radios are best for social distancing in schools.

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