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The dates been set for schools to fully reopen

With the government announcing a provisional date for schools to reopen fully now is the time to check, test and repair any radios you may have ready for Monday 8th March.

Fully functioning walkie talkies in school are an important tool for staff to help with social distancing and general on-site communication. If you can communicate at a distance using two-way radios instead of talking face to face, the risk of transmitting or spreading covid-19 is much less.


How to test your school's walkie talkies

Here are a few quick tests you can do to determine if your radios are in good working order ready for the 8th March.

Range Test

Leave one radio at reception and take the others with you around the extremeties of your site. Call in to reception asking for an audio report. The reception radio should call back confirming receipt of transmission and to report any audio problems (crackling, low volume or distortion). If any radios have low audio or any problems with range then they'll defiantly need to be looked at by one of our radio specialists.

Battery Test

Radio batteries can degrade over time, we can test the batteries at our service centre to get an optimisation report but that would involve sending us the batteries. A quick test you can do is make sure the radios are fully charged overnight, turn them on in the morning and check in on them at mid day and then at the end of the day. If any are reporting low battery by the end of the day sat idle then we would recommend replacing them.

Physical Examination

Take a good look at your radios, batteries, aerials and chargers. Are there any cracks or chips where water could get in if it rains and you're on bus duty? Do the belt clips feel solid or have they taken a bashing and won't last much longer? This is the perfect time to order spare parts for your existing two-way radios. We have stock of most parts and can ship with next day delivery.


So you've taken the time to do some basic tests on your existing fleet of school walkie talkies. I hope you've not come across any issues. If so please give us a call 01274 911340, an email or fill out our contact form. We do have some great back to school offers currently running on our most popular model the PR-350LF. This small light radio has now overtaken the PR-585 as our best seller to small to medium sized schools. Take a look at the current bundle deals here.

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