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As we all know pupil safety is paramount. More and more staff are encountering challenging scenarios during the school day. Here's how two-way radios can help improve and be part of your safeguarding policies in school.

When a situation escalates there's nothing worse than being alone, no time to unlock your phone, which could be already switched off, and dial the main number to raise the alarm. Two-way radios for safeguarding in schools allow you to either speak to a group of users at the touch of a button, or even better, raise the alarm via a single push panic button. This panic alarm opens up the microphone on the radio automatically allowing other staff to hear exactly what's going on.

Another consideration when choosing radios for safeguarding in schools is the possibility of external sources listening in to your conversations. With the recent addition to our range the Kenwood TK-3401DT you can now have digital radios that do not require a licence. This stops people outside your organisation hearing your private conversations and evesdropping. The Kenwood TK-3401 is a robust, high-end radio that will improve your on-site communications dramatically. For more information or a free of charge 7-day trial please drop us an email

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