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Pumaradio have released a pair of new repeaters

One thing that has been missing from the affordable Pumaradio brand is a repeater. Repeaters allow standard 4 / 5 watt licensed radios to cover a much wider area. They are also used to give coverage on large school sites which struggle with indoor coverage due to the building construction.

Repeaters are high end devices, there are only a few makes and models of repeater available for sale in the UK. Couple this with the current issues in Eastern Europe effecting the supply chain involved with getting kit from our factories in the far east, there are hardly any repeaters in stock (any make and brand) currently. We are now holding in house stock of both digital and analogue repeaters, duplexers and antenna equipment. Meaning the only delay in getting a repeater installed now is down to Ofcom.

You need a specific Ofcom licence (Technically assigned licence) to use a repeater on your school site. As usual we will do the licence paperwork for you for no fee. Be warned some other online 'box shifting' companies will charge you an 'admin fee' or licence fee for this service.

Having our own repeaters designed, made and kept in stock, means we are in total control of your requirements. Couple this with a 5-year repeater warranty as standard, we believe our repeaters are hard to beat and the right product for your site.

Check out our repeaters here

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