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New year, new radios. Can we improve your walkie talkie coverage? We believe so!

Well here we are in 2020, the decorations are being taken down (today is the last day if you believe in that sort of thing!) we've all put on a few pounds and the back to work blues have hit. Some of us might have made new year's resolutions. Eat healthy, get fit, drink less, the list goes on.

But the new year is a perfect time to review your two-way radio (walkie talkie) set up on site. Have some of your radios lost their punch, not just coverage wise but battery life and audio too. Most schools we speak to rely on the walkie talkies around site to keep in touch with key members of staff whatever their location. Safeguarding and health & safety are two hot topics at the moment and walkie talkies play a big part.

Most schools are unsure of which walkie talkies to buy at first, so they reach for the buying consortium catalogue and pick the best looking option. 99% of the time this will be a twin pack of licence free radios. A good starter for 10. But the offering of radios from these places is very small and usually totally unsuitable for use in a school. You will receive a pack of radios which are plastic shelled - not metal, have old fashioned ni-mh batteries - not li-ion and have open channels that 'joe public' can listen in to and also transmit back on! This has happened on numerous occasions in the past and can cause quite a problem in school.

So, what do we recommend to get you the best walkie talkies for use in and around your school site? CALL US, we don't charge for a chat, we don't charge for our knowledge and most importantly we don't charge you to test out our recommended radios on site. All we need is a little information about your site, size, number of pupils, postcode and from that we can make a very educated decision to which radios we think will work best for you. Once we've made a recommendation we will send you two or three of each model out for you to try on site, free of charge, with no commitment. No upfront payments and no post dated PO's. We know we can't visit every school in the country to demo our radios so we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to try our recommendation out in your own time for 7-days. When we say free of charge, we will even pay the return postage of the radios if not suitable.

Whats the catch? Well, there isn't one, we are trusting in our knowledge of walkie talkies to recommend the best model which fits budget and technical requirements. Not to blow our own trumpets but we're pretty good at getting it right too.....

Give us a call today on 01274 911340 or email to arrange a free of charge, no obligation 7-day trial. We are very confident that you will see a massive improvement in your on site communications with our products.

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