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Introducing the new DIGITAL Pumaradio PR-595

Pumaradio have gone digital, introducing the PR-595   Let's not beat around the bush here, digital is the new buzz work for modern technology. Digital television, digital radio, digital scales, digital everything! Two-way radios also have a digital offering.

  What's the difference between standard analogue radios and digital radios? Traditional analogue radios send your voice as literally that, voice. Digital radios convert your voice in to data and send the data over the air, this has many benefits.

  • Totally encrypted communications (100% safe) : It is much easier to listen in to analogue radios than it is to listen in to digital ones. The PR-585 has encryption as standard, allowing us to guarantee 100% interference free communications.

  • Crystal clear audio at both ends : Digital radios use advanced (magic?) noise cancellation to remove loud background noises when transmitting. This also allows the signal and call clarity to stay strong right to the edge of the radio coverage area.

  • Improved battery life = lighter radio : The way the PR-595 works in digital mode means it uses 30% less battery than a tradition analogue radio. It transmits on and off every 30ms when sending data. This actually allows us to use a smaller battery pack making the PR-595 one of the lightest and smallest professional digital radios on the market.

  • Better range than analogue radios : Digital radios have up to 20% better range than analogue radios because all the static and crackling is removed. Digital radios send signals as data and so error correction can be used to put together any broken transmissions.

  • Digital radios can work with your old analogue ones : The PR-595 can operate in analogue mode allowing it to be programmed along side any existing old radios you have. Once you've upgraded all your old radios to the PR-595 they can be switched to full digital mode.


Following on with our mission to design the best two-way radios for use in school the PR-595 is a fantastic new offering to our range. Some schools are now requesting for an even higher level of privacy than offered by traditional analogue radios. The PR-595 cannot be scanned, listened in to nor receive any interference from any other radio users, 100% guaranteed. Another feature we added to this model is an emergency call button. At the push of a button all members of staff can be alerted to an emergency situation and respond accordingly.


If you think you may benefit from a digital walkie talkie designed specifically for use in school please get in touch. We offer a free of charge 7-day trial of all our products allowing you to test them on-site in your own time. The PR-595 can also be configured to work with most existing digital radios you may have, call us to discuss further.

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