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How to stay connected while social distancing in school

One of the hardest tasks will be keeping the children apart, how can you tell a five year old not to interact and play with friends they've not seen in months? We can help make social distancing easier for staff with our specialist range of education focused two-way radios.


Using walkie talkies in school allows you to communication with other members of staff whilst keeping a safe distance apart. Be it at the other end of the school or in the next room, two-way radios for schools help. You should consider the best value for money solution when looking for a two-way radio system for school. Cheap twin pack licence free walkie talkies you can buy online or from buying catalogues in school aren't really the best tool for the job. They have small batteries, give short range and aren't built to last. As an alternative cheap licence free radio consider the Pumaradio PR-350LF as a start. This product has been designed totally for the education sector and to be what we think the best radio for use in schools.


If you have a larger site with staff wanting to communicate over a bigger distance consider looking at the Pumaradio PR-450. This is our most popular licensed radio for schools. Features include high power output, amazing coverage, loud audio and super robust design.


We offer free impartial advice to help schools choose the best two-way radio to fit both technical requirement and budget. Contact our highly knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs further.

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