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Current stock situation

As some of you have experience, we are having to manage stock carefully at the moment. This is due to a couple of factors, mainly the troubles in Ukraine effecting our supply chain. But now also the global chip shortage.

This means some of our customers are having to wait a little longer than usual to receive their orders. Sometimes this has been longer than we have anticipated or expected. We are trying our best to up our stock holding in house, but we still many backorders waiting to be fulfilled by our suppliers. We aren't letting any of our customers down, everyone will receive their orders. Due to the increasing growth of our business this hasn't come at the best time. We always try and order more and more stock per order to mitigate this, surely growth is a good thing?

What we are saying is please bear with us, the best way to get an update on your stock situation is to email us: with your order number or school name and we will give you an update as soon as possible. Sometimes this may mean being in contact with a factory directly and due to the large time zone differences sometimes we can't get back to you with an answer instantly. We understand this is frustrating, trust me, we are really frustrated too!

Please bear with us, we are doing all we can to increase orders every week and to make sure orders are fulfilled on a first come first served bases, as fair as it can be.

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