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Covid-19 Health and Safety in schools just not enough. Walkie talkies help with distancing in school

On Friday, the unions representing teachers and other school staff said that schools must not open until a UK-wide “test, trace & isolate” program is under way and adequate PPE is provided to workers.


In Shrewsbury, the principal of Severndale specialist academy, Sabrina Hobbs, spent the early days of the lockdown crying in her car on her way to work. “I was emotionally distraught on the way to school, thinking: how do I manage this? How do I keep everyone safe?”

All the pupils at her school have special needs. Some need help with going to the toilet and the vast majority need physical assistance or close contact with staff.

Although Hobbs has recently managed to source PPE, including visors and goggles, for all her staff, she can fit only three children in a classroom if she socially distances the pupils. This leaves her with a maximum capacity of 50 pupils, on a rota throughout the week, instead of 405 every day. “The limitations are really around the availability of staff and the space we have available in school. I have a duty of care to protect my staff – but also to protect the children as well.”


All this uncertainty has driven schools and parents to both consider when really is the best time for our kids to return to the classroom. I don't think anyone has the definitive answer. Here at Education Radios we have been speaking, in depth, with local primary schools about how we can help them adapt to the new social distancing changes with two-way radios.

One staff member from North Yorkshire said "Two-way radios help us stick to social distance guidelines, keeping us away from other members of staff, but allowing us to communicate on site efficiently".

Stephen, the head teacher at a residential special school in Cumbria said "The walkie talkies in school we have from Education Radios have been a godsend. Our staff rely on them more than ever and since we are a residential establishment we won't be closing our doors over Covid-19. The radios we chose [Here] have allowed us to quickly communicate, over both short and long distances, with other key team members on site."


You may not consider Two-way Radios (walkie talkies) as essential PPE equipment in school for opening during the Covid-19 crisis, but we do. We think that with our expertise and years of knowledge in the Education Sector we can advise you and help you with conforming to new health and safety guidance. Call us (01274 911340) or email us for a no obligation chat about what we could do to help improve vital communications with two-way radios at your school. It may shock you at how cost effective a good two-way radio can be for your school.

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