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Check your radios before September

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

As the summer draws to a close, Covid19 has been on our minds for months. With the green light from the government for schools to re-open to all pupils from September now is the time to give your radios the once over and check everything is in full working order.

Most people won't even think to make sure the school radios are charged up ready for the off, let alone in full working order. Please please get them out, charge them, test them. You've still got time to order replacements and spare parts before the big day (just!).

If you find that some radios aren't performing, or out of warranty, then take a look at a couple of 'back to school' radio deals we've put together........

(All prices exclude VAT)

Small school

Lightweight, easy to carry radios. Small form factor that fits great in the hand. The Pumaradio PR-350LF has been chosen by many primary and small secondary schools.

Four radios - £392

Six radios - £570

Ten radios - £920

Twelve radios - £1080

Large school

The all-rounder, the PR-585 just keeps on going. Super long life li-ion battery pack, channel display and loud clear audio makes the PR-585 a great choice for heavy usage.

Four radios - £460

Six radios - £660

Ten radios - £1050

Twelve radios - £1200

Total privacy

Strong, robust radio with digital encryption as standard. With the PR-595 you will get zero interference guaranteed. No taxi firms coming through, no static or crackling noises randomly. Nothing. Just your voice comms, crystal clear.

Four radios - £500

Six radios - £720

Ten radios - £1150

Twelve radios - £1320

For this special pricing please email us or call 01274 911340. We accept all school purchase orders as standard.

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