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Best radios for schools October 2020

New technology is coming out all the time. Here is our list of the top 3 best walkie talkies for schools 2020. (Best radios for schools)

1. Pumaradio PR-350LF (Best licence free radio 2020)

The Pumaradio PR-350LF continues to be our best selling radio to schools in 2020. This is down to its small size, large battery and super loud audio. One piece of feedback we constantly get from our schools is that size matters! Staff prefer not to carry around a big bulky two-way radio all day long. The PR-350LF is the smallest and lightest radio in its category, across the whole board.

Couple this will its flexibility to be bought as a licence free (PMR446) radio or a full powered UHF licensed radio, makes it unbeatable. If you think you're going to trade off robustness for size and price then you are wrong. The Pumaradio PR-350LF has a robust die-cast aluminium chassis and moulded antenna covering. This allows the PR-350LF to be thrown around, dropped, knocked and it will keep on going.


2. Pumaradio PR-595 (Best digital radio 2020)

Digital is the new buzz word, everything is better when its digital right? Well in this case the Pumaradio PR-595 is. If privacy is important to you then look no further. The Pumaradio PR-595 is not just DMR Digital its also fully encrypted. You cannot be listened in to, nor interfered with. No hearing taxi companies, builders, motorbike schools etc... Nothing. Just you and your other members of staff.

The Pumaradio PR-595 also boasts from DSP. DSP automatically reduces the background noise on your transmissions. This means using the radios in a super noisy classroom isn't an issue. Other members of staff will steal hear you loud and clear!


3. Pumaradio PR-585 (Best licensed radio 2020)

Last but not least is the Pumaradio PR-585. We refer to this radio as the 'all-rounder', it ticks every box whilst not blowing the budget. It's a 4watt analogue licensed UHF radio with a hidden LED display making managing multiple classrooms and channels a breeze.

Added to this the Pumaradio PR-585 comes with a large capacity li-ion battery pack, giving you the confidence that your radio will last all day long. Compatibility is also the PR-585's party trick. It can be programmed to match any existing UHF analogue radios, meaning you don't have to ditch the whole fleet when you upgrade. You can continue using your old radios alongside the Pumaradio PR-585. If you need any more information regarding cross compatibility please get in touch, we're all ears.

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