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Are you wondering what is the best walkie talkie for school use? The PR-350LF is a game changer!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Pumaradio have recently released the PR-350LF and it's been designed and made exclusively for schools. In our opinion for the price it is one of the best value two-way radios (walkie talkies) for use in school.



Pumaradio approached us and asked "what would make the best two-way radio for schools?" That got us thinking, what features would go in to making the best walkie talkie for use in school. Here's a list of some of the key points we came up with

  • Small size

  • Easy to hold and operate

  • Light weight

  • Loud clear audio

  • Battery that will last two days at least

  • Strong, wide-area coverage (without compromising size of radio)

  • Easy to train staff to use

Boy did they deliver! The new PR-350LF gave us our requirements and more. One of the nice little features included is the ability to charge a spare battery at the same time as the radio, allowing 24hr usage if required.


We actually think this could be one of the best designed two-way radios for use in schools. The best point is the price. currently £85 ex vat per radio, also available as a twin pack for just £160 ex vat. Remember this isn't your usual twin pack of radios, the specifications are through the roof. Just the 2000mAh li-ion alone is unseen in this category of product before.


To summarise, if you're thinking of getting a set of two-way radios for your school and are unsure about sending hundreds of pounds per radio take a look at the Pumaradio PR-350LF. It really is the BEST radio for schools we have ever seen at that price point.

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