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Not sure which model? No problem!

Had a bad experience with radios in the past that won't give you coverage across the whole of your site? Read how Education Radios work with you to find the perfect solution.

We get asked all the time "how far with the radios reach?", we thats a really tough question to answer over the phone. Two-way radios are effected by numerous factors including number of buildings, building construction, elevation etc..

“We have a number of buildings spread out over our campus, how do we know what you've recommended will work?”

This is where our expert industry knowledge comes in to play. We have been supplying two-way radios in to the Education sector for over 13years. Once we have spoken to you via email or on the phone we will take a look at your site on google earth and ask you certain questions that will help us assess which product will have the best chance of achieving the desired result within budget.

What's next?

Once we've recommended what we think to be the best two-way radio to suit your needs and you're happy with the price quoted we will arrange for two radios to be sent out to you free of charge for one week. We can't visit every single school site in the country, it's just not viable. So what we do is send you radios, at our expense, for you to try in your own time across campus. We send brand new radios out to you so if they work as expected and you like them, you keep them, we send you the balance of radios and you provide us with a purchase order to cover the total amount of radios. Its that simple!

We have hundreds of schools across the country that have used our services. Please get in touch to see if we've supplied a school local to you.

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